Video Compression Take-Home Info


Gena Haskett, Robyn Tippins and I presented an Advanced Video Lab at BlogHer today. We touched pretty briefly on video compression before splitting into small workgroups covering storyboarding, lighting on the cheap, and editing tips to help the BlogHers kick ass at videoblogging.

I promised the attendees a handout covering basic video compression settings and a brief review of three software applications that convert video from one format to another. Here it is:

I have to apologize for not adding hyperlinks to the PDF file. I thought it was more important to get the document up quickly than to bell-n-whistle it up. When I get home I will do that, and replace the PDF file – at which point this paragraph will be displayed crossed out (strikethrough).

Coming ASAP, I’ll put up some video of my cheap lighting tricks.

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