This MY umbrella!

Shot this video just for Jay Dedman, who likes bugs. While I was at the Transmission Asia-Pacific conference in Indonesia, this big beetle decided he wanted his own umbrella after a brief bout of rain (it’s supposed to be the dry season after all). Excuse the quality – iPhones aren’t good at closeups.

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7 Responses to This MY umbrella!

  1. Milt Lee says:

    That is one big bug. I mean you could have that guy for lunch!
    What a bug! Did you get any other wonderful things from Indonesia?

  2. Bradly says:

    That’s one crazy rhinoceros beetle. Welcome back to Phx.

  3. Robert Croma says:

    So big they carry their own umbrellas. Jay will be jealous.

  4. Heath says:

    That’s one big bug…….Yuck…..

  5. Beth Tilston says:

    When I lived in Japan I found one of those outside my apartment. My first reaction was “fuck!”, my second “FUCK!”, them “arrrgggghhh,” and finally “…cool!” Kids in Japan keep this type of beetle as pets. I wonder what English kids would say if you presented them with a hugh beetle instead of a hamster.

  6. Beth Tilston says:

    huge, not hugh. Obviously.

  7. jay dedman says:

    next time…touch the bug.

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