One of the older movie theaters in Phoenix – the Harkins Camelview. What, 1960s or 1970s? Something like that. I dig how they surround the bizarre-shaped shades in neon so you can still see how goofy they are at night. Made the video yesterday but forgot to post it. Oops.

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4 Responses to neon

  1. heath says:

    I love old movie theaters….especially the ones with a balcony, there was this old one in West Virginia by where my great grandma lived. It’s where I saw Star Wars and Raiders of the lost ark….these big pillars and velvet curtains and balcony’s…it was awesome…

  2. Cheryl Colan says:

    Ooh! I saw the original Star Wars trilogy at a theater like that in Phoenix. No balcony, but absolutely giant screen, velvet everywhere, lovely. They tore it down and put up a finance building around ten years ago. I drive past the location every work day, and I flip the bird when I get to that corner. Every time.

  3. kath says:

    makes them seem very 1950’s space-age – what they prob thought the future would look like? alien ships hovering in front of the cinema

  4. David says:

    I really like the audio to used for the video. Days gone by…

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