on watch

I’m always one of the stragglers finishing geology lab. The reward is seeing the occasional burrowing owl outside the lab window, after the bustle of people have gone. No one keeps watch like an owl.

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2 Responses to on watch

  1. iconjohn says:

    I’ve got real mixed feelings towards birds. Adopted a blue and gold macaw 2 years before I had to give him/her away. Caging a bird is not right as I now see it.

  2. Cheryl Colan says:

    @iconjohn So funny you mention that. Just yesterday I was at the pet store and saw a woman drive up with a blue and gold macaw on her shoulder. The car window was down and the bird was free to move around the car. That didn’t look right to me either – looked like a crash waiting to happen. But the bird was beautiful, and I loved that it wasn’t caged. I agree, caging a bird – not a great idea. Of course the owl in this video isn’t caged. I’m inside looking out if that wasn’t clear.

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