the TXAP campfire tapes

For audio and / or culture geeks only: In May 2008 I went to TXAP in Sukubumi, West Java, Indonesia to present some online video strategies to video activists from around the Asia-Pacific region, and in turn to learn some innovative, home grown tech strategies already working for them. We had a great time at the week-long conference, but I think the best part was sitting around the campfire at night, singing songs together while our hosts played along on some bongo drums, a really beat up guitar, and – really surprising to me, considering we were camping out halfway up a giant volcano – an upright bass. One night I pulled out my iPod and tried to record the sounds. When I got home, I left the iPod in my suitcase until I forgot where it was. I just dug it out, and the recordings were still there, so I strung them together into one long track and took a listen. While the recordings themselves aren’t the greatest, I’m still fascinated by the audio, the atmosphere, the melange of languages and conversations happening around me, and the fact that no matter where you go on this wide earth, everyone knows a few Beatles tunes. So, for your listening pleasure, or for your audio layering pleasure, here are the recordings I made, tucked into one long track. Do with it what you will. I think bits of it would make for a fun soundtrack.

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