My New Email Filter

This message is set as an autoresponse to messages matching the following criteria:

subject contains “Course quota exceeded: SCC.MSTR.ART100.COLAN_C”

Your message has been rejected by the intended recipient because its content is useless. Your message states, in full:

“LS-CS quota manager alert:\nCourse has exceeded the absolute quota limit (250000 K): SCC.MSTR.ART100.COLAN_C (disk usage 2525371 K).”

As you can see, your message alerts me to a problem without providing any indication of what I should do to fix it.

I previously replied requesting that the course file be deleted as I no longer need it. No one responded, and I continue to receive your useless message on a daily basis.

I know my course quota is exceeded. I have been told by Maricopa’s Blackboard support that the course file itself was likely corrupted during the transition to Blackboard 9. After Fall 2010 I will discontinue any further use of Blackboard since it has been nothing but a nightmare this term. If it were in my power to remove the file, I would do so.

Please just delete the offending course file and quit bugging me about it. I will not be making any further attempt to remedy this situation. Further messages will continue to be auto-rejected by the district email system, which may not have been updated in a long time, but at least it actually works.

Good day.

Yes, I really applied this filter. After waiting two weeks for a response. Crickets.

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