New bumper sticker

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4 Responses to New bumper sticker

  1. Jay Dedman says:

    Things will change again. I guess this country like a lot of pain!

  2. kath says:

    I hope there’s some biased news there for the masses (who don’t always follow independent media). I noticed it most during the ‘war on terror’ – the clips from USA on stories were way different to ones from UK (BBC) and Aus – they seemed much more sensationalist & one sided from USA? maybe I didn’t watch enough, but that was my impression

  3. cherylcolan says:

    Your impression was right, Kath. The US news organizations just became cheerleaders for war at that time.

  4. PaulD says:

    Being Canadian…is there one that says “bad news for North America”. Fox has a long reach.

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