DS106 Radio Bumper, Students

I made a #ds106 radio bumper, my first (already have an idea for the second)!

I kind of cheated, because most of the audio was recorded and mixed by a professional at a real studio back in 2001 (backstory and original audio clip here). Incidentally that was before I ever became a teacher. I don’t ever really sound like that in a college classroom.

All I did was drag that mp3 into a new GarageBand project, plug in my USB mic, and record myself saying “listen to your ds106 radio” on a new vocal track. To get the echo I added the Vocal Reflection to the recorded track. Then it was as simple as selecting Share > Send to iTunes from the menu bar. Since I had pre-set iTunes to import audio as a 64-bit stereo mp3, that’s what I got. In iTunes, I right-clicked the new file and chose Reveal in Finder, dragged it to my desktop and uploaded it at http://www.dropitto.me/ds106. I’ll be stoked if I actually hear it on #ds106radio!

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6 Responses to DS106 Radio Bumper, Students

  1. Ben says:

    So you remixes something of your own, awesome!

  2. Jim Groom says:

    This is brilliant…”STUDENTS!!!” A nice vision of the old and the new as it comes to ds106radio. One day every classroom teacher will have just as hard a time make their kids broadcast 🙂

  3. Brilliant. This is the kind of thing that makes me wish I had a mac. sigh.

    • cherylcolan says:

      You can totally do this with Audacity on Windows. It’s not much more complex once you get the fiddly stuff that you only need to do once completed. I’m thinking there is some little file you need to install in order to export mp3s and then you’re set. Someone will have a tutorial for it, I’m sure!

  4. Alan Liddell says:

    This one was good. I have trouble believing that’s actually your voice, even if it’s not your normal voice. I could do these forever.

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