Our Bunkhouse Is a Treehouse

Something I'm envious of

Just a quick screenshot from #mONkEyhouse106 in Camp Magic MacGuffin. I’m still mostly hopeless in Minecraft but my bunk mates built an entire tree house. Not everyone came to tonight’s social but those who did learned a ton! Led by Andrew Forgrave, we managed to add basic bunks for everyone, and some nice torches for light, and we began adding on more tree branches while dear Shannon forged ahead alone making a spiral staircase that runs up the trunk of our giant tree from the deck level to the top. At some point Kathleen and I learned how to rid pigs (in our tree!). Unfortunately neither of us could get back OFF so we kind of messed up the house for awhile, but it’s all back in order now, and the pork chops were delicious. Shout out to Tim for turning day to night and doing a few teleportations of lost campers. And to camp director Alan who managed to join our social for a few minutes before heading to dinner – come back and visit anytime!

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2 Responses to Our Bunkhouse Is a Treehouse

  1. You guys are having way too much fun!

    Tree houses are perfect for staying safe from zombies. Good thinking!

    Hope you’ll have an open house, er, bunk house soon.

  2. Nice re-cap of our adventures last night! Glad that some of us got to spend time together in Minecraft. I think it helps build bunk unity 🙂

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