Brilliant Prezi on Storytellers’ Secrets

So check out what was waiting for me in my email inbox this morning – this gorgeous presentation on The Storyteller’s Secret by Carmine Gallo (or view at the source):

How could I not share this bag o’ gold with my #Western106 pardners? Next time you have 15 minutes to kick around, watch this instead of lookin’ at the tumbleweeds blowin’ around. It’s worth your time.

It speaks directly to the relevance of storytelling in this here digital age. But also in any age. We are all storytellers, every single human out there. And the more we flex our story muscles, the better we get at putting our ideas out there and contributing something unique and meaningful to our culture and the world.

Some brief, fun takeaways (in no particular order) – or teasers to get you to go watch:

  • embrace your history
  • simple, effective, irresistible
  • instill hope
  • 5 types of storyteller

Git along, little #ds106ers! Please blog your own reactions. Did you learn anything? Did the presentation help you remember something you already knew?

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