Relationships and How to Build Them

The Write6x6 crew is giving great answers to this past week’s writing prompt:

  • get a coffee together and just chat
  • have lunch together
  • just listen to each other (to be kind, to learn, to understand)
  • reframe your purpose (or your intentions)
  • brainstorm together
  • go to happy hour (always a favorite!)
  • do what you can to be helpful

I have a couple things to add to that list. The first is… collaborate! Complete a little project of any kind together. Work related, or outside of work – collaborate on something you share in common. It helps almost any relationship to have a common goal. Working toward a common goal over time strengthens our bonds, and achieving a shared goal gives everyone the warm fuzzies.

And the last thing is: Show up. Take an interest. Attend a colleague’s public talk, birthday, award ceremony, launch event, or, ahem!, their workshop.  😀  Check in. Drop by to see how your colleague is doing. If you hear about an illness, new pet, accolade, etc., ask how things are going. Offer to take a walk or have lunch. Steal some little moments to show support and friendship. It goes a long way.

One final note: Write6x6 is relationship-building. Reading your posts, whether I had time to comment or not, I feel I know you all a bit better. Thank you so much, participants, for sharing your reflections over the last six weeks.

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