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Except when otherwise noted on a per-post basis, hummingcrow: one squall voice by Cheryl Colan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License. Please credit me as “Cheryl Colan hummingcrow.com” and link to the permalink from this videoblog.

Let me be really clear, here. This license applies to all the content on this web site including my syndication feeds.

It seems like another video aggregation or web video directory site launches every few days now. Grabbing content from videoblog RSS feeds is a quick and easy way for such sites to populate themselves with content. If you’re one of those sites, take note of the NonCommercial portion of my Creative Commons License. I don’t mind if you redistribute my content non-commercially, but if your site receives ad revenue, from, say, Google AdSense, I consider that a commercial use, and I don’t want my work used that way. Do you see ads on this site? I don’t want my work used to hawk anything. If you do it, I will report you for a Terms of Service violation, and I’ll follow up with a DMCA take-down notice if necessary.

If you want permission to use my videos or RSS feeds outside the scope of my Creative Commons License, then you need to ask my permission first. You can write me at cheryl [dot] colan [at] gmail [dot] com.


At the start of 2007 I started publishing my videos in QuickTime MP4 format. This is still compatible with the video iPod, but it seems more people can play back the format. Live and learn. And thank Freevlog for their tutorials!


I’m publishing videos in QuickTime MV4 format. They are compatible with video iPods, because I have one, and I like to carry my stuff around with me and be able to show it to people.

Why should you care? Well, you shouldn’t, really. But it means that if you want to watch my videos, you need QuickTime Player, version 7 or better. It is a free download for Mac and PC, and is easy to install.

The video player you see on the web pages is a Flash player generated by PodPress, a plugin I use on this site. So if you want to play the videos in the web page, you need Flash Player for your browser as well. It’s likely you already have it, but if you’re seeing a “get plugin” icon where you think you should see a video, then you may not have it.

You can also just click the Download button to save the video to your computer and play it.