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WICF-001: The Spit Bath

So I had an idea today to creatively express gratitude for teachers that I’ve loved. I had the idea while washing my armpits in an effort not to smell bad for the next couple hours until I bathe properly. My … Continue reading

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Introducing the York Biscuit

Most of the students within our Study Abroad program are in Paris right now. Two students, my mother being one of them, chose not to go to Paris, and it was my duty to stay behind and lead them on … Continue reading

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Sad ice cream incident

Walking around Nottingham this 3rd July, I noticed someone had dropped and then abandoned this ice cream cone and thought it would make an interesting context for a street photo. I didn’t get it straight, but I didn’t try a … Continue reading

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@DailyShoot – #ds592 – What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “deadline”? #ds106 This is actually the second thing I thought of, July first, my imminent departure for the United Kingdom, and all the things … Continue reading

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Illlustrated Design Principles

These design principles are found in Molly Bang’s book, Picture This. This book not only gives design principles and examples, but also presents them so you can visually understand what is communicated to the viewer through pictures. I recommend this … Continue reading

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