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A Family Legend

I recorded this just before hitting the bunk bed in my cabin at Camp Magic MacGuffin, a family legend about my dad. I saw him pick up a handful of dirt and crush it into a rock. I have the … Continue reading

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How to completely freak out your spouse

Buy some black rice because it’s as good for you as brown rice and higher in antioxidants. While making it for dinner, accidentally spill a few uncooked grains on the floor. Looks like rat turds. There will be panic! What … Continue reading

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My Own Forever Ago

Michael Branson Smith kicked off the Fall 2011 #ds106 with High School Is Everyone’s Forever Ago. It’s his beautiful self-introduction, well thought out, great story, and includes a photo of him from the 80s, and a portion of a passed … Continue reading

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Introducing the York Biscuit

Most of the students within our Study Abroad program are in Paris right now. Two students, my mother being one of them, chose not to go to Paris, and it was my duty to stay behind and lead them on … Continue reading

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@DailyShoot – #ds587 – Make a photograph today that illustrates attraction. My big fluffy cat is attracted to the lap of anyone wearing black.

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