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What Inspires?

I’m participating in GCC‘s Write 6×6 event this semester. And no weaseling out of it by being too busy. I’m actually scheduling time during the week to write, and you should expect 6 posts over the next 5 weeks (it’s … Continue reading

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My Head Is Exploding

I really love Tim Owens’ We Are All Artists post and audio discussion, for so many reasons. How long you got? First, YES. Accept that creativity is a skill, not a genetic or divine predetermination, and that with practice you … Continue reading

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Digital Storytelling Field Notebook

@DailyShoot – #ds586 – “Make a photograph of two complementary objects arranged to show their relationship to each other.” My daily shoot today isn’t all that visually. I admit to being tired, cranky and possessed of a terrible headache. But … Continue reading

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pick your side, people

I completely freeze up when I’m asked to read an essay or watch a long talk and respond to it. I don’t really understand it. Part of me just doesn’t want to say something stupid that proves I missed the … Continue reading

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A Legacy of Ripples

A digital story by Cheryl Colan and Rachel Woodburn, on the occasion of Linda Hick’s Retirement Celebration, May 16, 2009. Continue reading

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