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Western-Challenged: Starting from Nothin’

Because I have a need to reignite my creative self, I saddled up with the Western106¬†folk. Then I promptly blew off the first week because work was busy, my feline companion¬†is having health issues, and mainly because when asked to … Continue reading

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Five Things Vlog #5

I’m supposed to tag five more people with the five things meme, but I’m going to hold off on that until tomorrow. Right now, time to post my last Thing. I used to work at the Arizona Historical Society Museum … Continue reading

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Five Things Vlog #4

My husband and I bought a home together a few years back. The couple that lived here before us were retiring to a cabin in the woods. They had been trapping and neutering feral cats, then releasing them and providing … Continue reading

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Five Things Vlog #2

This is a little moment from Thanksgiving Day. I spent it with my mother and husband, at the north-of-Tucson home of my cousin. My mom jokingly suggested we try something new with her hair, and I held her to it. … Continue reading

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Five Things Vlog #1

Jan tagged me with the five things meme. Perfect timing, as I have been in a vlogging slump of epic proportions. I have taken my video camera to lots of places and recorded many things, then never edited the footage … Continue reading

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