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@DailyShoot – #ds592 – What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “deadline”? #ds106 This is actually the second thing I thought of, July first, my imminent departure for the United Kingdom, and all the things … Continue reading

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@DailyShoot – #ds588 – Make a monochromatic photo. My mother-in-law’s embroidered rendition of basil.

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@DailyShoot – #ds587 – Make a photograph today that illustrates attraction. My big fluffy cat is attracted to the lap of anyone wearing black.

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@DailyShoot – #ds585 – Work the angles today. Make a photo that gives us a unique perspective on an otherwise ordinary scene A tree I see from a distance most days on campus. So I got up close, personal and … Continue reading

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Cyanotype Sun Print

This brief video shows the process of creating a cyanotype sun print using pre-treated cloth, as taught by Rachel Woodburn, fine art photographer. Basically, you arrange objects on your cloth in a darkish room, put the whole thing under glass … Continue reading

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