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A Family Legend

I recorded this just before hitting the bunk bed in my cabin at Camp Magic MacGuffin, a family legend about my dad. I saw him pick up a handful of dirt and crush it into a rock. I have the … Continue reading

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The Daily Create: Tell a Joke

Instructions: Record a video of yourself telling a joke. Don’t read it – tell it. Fortunately this joke arrived in my inbox two days ago courtesy of my mom. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had a joke to tell!

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Required Viewing

Well, required unless you are easily offended or prudish I guess. Maybe this would be best when we hit video assignment week. But because #ds106 is having this discussion about what media can be, I feel strongly that you should … Continue reading

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Hand Pixelated Art

We’ve been talking copyright in #ds106 and I thought this would be cool to share. Andy Baio’s Kind of Bloop woes are being discussed all over the web right now. I think it’s cool that Neven Mrgan, who worked on … Continue reading

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Reimagined Road Sign Tutorial

I know we are past the visual assignments week in #ds106, but since I submitted the Reimagined Road Signs visual assignment, I should provide some how to. I am also using this post to submit my fourth visual assignment, which … Continue reading

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