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A study in one-eyed fat man motion

Let’s make a #western106 GIF today. Inspiration A Western that I do really like is True Grit. I like the 1969 film and the 2010 version. There is a scene where Mattie and LeBoeuf watch from a cliff as “Rooster” Cogburn takes on Ned … Continue reading

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Reimagined Road Sign Tutorial

I know we are past the visual assignments week in #ds106, but since I submitted the Reimagined Road Signs visual assignment, I should provide some how to. I am also using this post to submit my fourth visual assignment, which … Continue reading

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Bear with me, this is a journey

I have fallen in love with Tim Owens’ Averaging Concepts using Flickr visual assignment. I liked it so much I did it before #ds106 Summer of Oblivion even started. Then today came Lou McGill’s post Layers, which took the idea … Continue reading

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Album Cover Visual Assignment

This image is a derivative work based on Chinese New Year by Brian Yap, available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. Here is what the original looked like. My random wiki page gave me “Tellef Wagle” as the band … Continue reading

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